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[dj][eng] Falling World


落ちる世界 [Falling World]
Circle: ツワノギ
Language: Jap -> Eng
Characters: Mukuro x Chrome/Nagi
Warning(s): N/A

"Isn't it wonderful that the one who torments me is you and the one who torments you is me?"


This doujinshi was scanlated by halkuonmusoka.
Please do not redistribute without my consent.

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Icon post! XD

Happy 2012 everyone! Here's a a graphic post to celebrate the new year, hope you enjoy!XD

The post also includes:

-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-Pandora Hearts
-Natsume Yuujinchou



[icons] one hundred and five

[fic] Superficial Dreams

Title: Superficial Dreams.
Author: aimeeshii  
Characters/Couple: Rokudo Mukuro/Dokuro Chrome, Hibari Kyouya/Dokuro Chrome.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When one runs out of tricks to play, a whole new level of mischief has to be created.

( “Why else would I be this close to you?” he murmured. “I know this place, after all, I'm the creator of it.” )

Fan Fiction: Martyr Without A Cause

Title: Martyr Without A Cause

Theme: Devotion

Rating: PG-13/T

Pairing: Mukuro/Chrome –kind of-

For: Allimassy
Summary: A partnership which goes through stages. Slight Shimon arc spoilers.

Lurker with a fic-link. Oh the horror

WnR's Third Round


Looking for a fanfic contest, but can’t find one that focuses on KHR? Well then, we’re happy to say there is a new community just for that! The recently created community, write_and_run , is now open and you can find our third prompt here.

Check it out to see if it's something that interests you enough to participate. Or perhaps you enjoy reading more? There will be plenty of great fics to read, so join up - or put us on watch! There's nothing wrong with a bit of community stalking (as long as you remember to read and review!)
Hello all,

As you may or may not know, we have just closed author sign-ups at the KHR guess-the-author challenge, khr_undercover, but we need people with a good grasp of the English language to act as betas for our authors. If you would like to pinch in, please sign-up at this post. Comments are screened.

Also, I have started a drabble game in our sister comm hitman_hangout. Everyone's welcome to play, so please hop on over to that post!

Hello all! As Reborn says above, it's time! For what? Well, for another round of khr_undercover, the guess-the-author KHR exchange! This round's optional theme is "Guardians" (the Tenth's guardians, the guardians of the previous generations of Vongola, guardians from other canon families - all are welcome here!), though you may write about a different topic if you wish.

Sign-ups are now open - please go here to sign up! :)

selling Mukuro/Chrome doujinshi

Hello everyone, I'm selling 4 Mukuro x Chrome doujinshi on my journal if anyone is interested~ Please visit my journal for buying info. Thank you!



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