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Fanfic: From Now Till Forever 1/?

Title: From Now Till Forever
Pairing: 6996/MukuroxChrome; 699618; MukuroxChromexHibari
Warning: I'm sorry for any cavities this may impose
Summary: After Chrome breaks Mukuro out of the Vendicare Prison, Mukuro's old tensions with Hibari arise, and Chrome is caught in the middle. mainly 6996, but a lot of 699618

An explosion set off next to her, but she kept running. Turn back now!! called the voice in her head. She shook her head and ran faster. This is too dangerous! Turn back! Get out of here!
“N-No…” she murmured under her breath. He may not have been there in person, but she knew he could hear him. It was a part of the link that they shared. She could hear him in her mind, and he could hear through her ears and see through her eye. As long as she could hear, he could too.
She ran faster through the prison and vaguely wondered how far back Ken and Chikusa were. She had run far ahead of them. Years of training to be the Vongola Mist Guardian had given her extra endurance to run faster and farther, but the lack of air and over-exertion of her leg muscles were becoming too much.
She still remembered when they heard from Reborn that this place was going to be destroyed.
“The Vendicare Prison is going to be destroyed.”
Ken had started a rampage. Chikusa’s jaw dropped. Chrome gasped. “But what about…?” Chrome had trailed off.
“He’s one of the most dangerous criminals held there. They don’t care. They’re letting them die.”
Chrome’s legs started to shake. “M-Mukuro-sama…” She passed out.

Now she was here, in the Vendicare Prison, which was currently being blown up. It was extremely dangerous, as the voice in her head was constantly reminding her. Chrome! If you don’t leave this instant, I will make you leave! She had forgotten about that. He had her body. He could possess her and make her go back. She came to the doors of the lower-most level of the prison. “I’m almost there though…” My cute little Chrome…please turn back…for your own good. “No.”
She ran into the room full of water tanks, looking for him. Last chance to turn back. There was another explosion. “No…” I have no choice then. She felt her control of her body slipping as her feet stopped dead in their tracks. “No, Mukuro-sama! Please! I’m almost there! Don’t make this pointless!” Her feet started to turn her around. Your safety isn’t pointless. “Don’t make it pointless for me then…” She heard him sigh and let her have control. “Thank you.”
She ran until she came before a water cell that contained who she was looking for, Mukuro. She used the trident to create an illusionary earthquake that was powerful enough to break the glass of his water cell. He fell out and she immediately went to unlocking his restraints.
For the past three years, he had been immobile, so his muscle mass was extremely low. “M-Mukuro-sama? Wake up!” There was another explosion, the ceiling above them started to crack. She took the older boy’s arm and draped it over her shoulder and proceeded to half-drag, half-carry him out.
“Chrome…” came a familiar voice.
She looked down to see that Mukuro’s eyes were open. “Mukuro-sama, are you-?”
“Shhh…” He stood upright (no doubt by illusionary muscles). “My sweet Chrome, you look tired.”
She blushed. “I-I’m fine.”
He half-smirked. “I assume that you’re not going to let me carry you then.” She shook her head. He laughed his signature ‘kufufu’ laugh. “I guess I could always force you to comply, but…” Part of the ceiling fell. “There isn’t that much time.”
They ran out together.
Ken groaned. “Where is that girl? She had better not have run out on Mukuro-san!”
Chikusa sighed. “Patience Ken…Chrome wouldn’t dare to leave Mukuro in there.” At least that’s what he hoped.
Another blast came from the prison. “Maybe we should go in after he-”
Ken was cut off by Chikusa. “Look.”
Out ran Chrome with Mukuro right behind her. She fell to the ground, breathing heavily as the prison fell behind them. A flash of concern crossed Ken’s face. “Is she…?”
“Kufufu…she’s just tired.” Mukuro proceeded to pick her up and lower his voice. “She needs to listen to me more. I was telling her not to push herself this far.”
“She’s stupid!” hollered Ken, who, in turn, got a death glare from Mukuro.
“Let’s go back…my cute little Chrome needs her rest.” He looked down to Chrome who was now asleep in his arms and smiled. When will you learn, Nagi?


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Aug. 8th, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
aww chrome ;____; the end is so cute *3*

i really love this story :_:
*hope to read more*

thank you for posting it ♥
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