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6996 in #334

Did everyone read the newest Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chapter? There's three small Mukuro/Chrome moments, but as always, I can't tell if they support our 'ship or gainsay it.

Exhibit A
Mukuro: Well, that was quick. Now to finish you off. (eyes widen in surprise)
Chrome: Mukuro-sama... please... stop...
Mukuro: You're... an illusion, aren't you.

Exhibit B
Mukuro: You think I'd hesitate for a second to kill you?
Ken: Yeah!
Chikusa: Yes.
Flan: Of course!
M.M.: That's right!
Chrome: Mukuro-sama!
Mukuro: (looks vaguely surprised, possibly hesitant... and runs her through with the spear)
Before going on to deny that he considers these people comrades, or shares any emotional bond with them.

Exhibit C
Daemon: You're your own?! What are you saying?! Look how upset you got when Chrome was taken and tampered with!
Mukuro: Kufufufu, but of course. After all, I don't take kindly to being controlled.
Daemon: (thinking) When an illusionist possesses someone, they're normally able to share their senses... but this is another level! This crosses beyond emotions... unity... a complete, absolute bond! (out loud) What an absurd... group of guys...

What do you think? Is he prevaricating while he really cares? Is he telling the truth and really doesn't care?


Apr. 27th, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
I don't think Mukuro actually took that hit. I think the perspective fooled us into thinking that, but it was actually fake-Chrome who'd gotten impaled. I agree that the fight isn't over yet, though!

I took it as Mukuro knows his comrades too well to be fooled by a crappy illusion. Tsuna would have hesitated, seeing his friends' faces, but Mukuro is more experienced, more skilled, and more confident. A friend of mine said, "Well obviously he can tell they're fake because the real ones would NEVER, EVER attack their Mukuro!" and I think Mukuro knows this. Besides, he is in Chrome's body, technically, so she can't be in front of him.

This all makes perfect sense, but I think the scene still tells us something true about the characters, otherwise Amano wouldn't have had Daemon conjure illusions of Mukuro's comrades at all. I think we're either meant to glean that Mukuro "is his own"... or that he doth protest too much. ;)

ETA: But, as you say, the message could also be that Mukuro knows these people better than Daemon had anticipated. Would certainly fit with his final (as far as we know) statement.

Edited at 2011-04-27 04:51 pm (UTC)
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