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May 14th, 2008

# 01 - MukuDoku Shrine Project

I'm planning to revamping my MukuDoku shrine/fansite. Yes, and I plan to expand the site with detail information, media and more stuff. But I think, I'm alone does not enough to done it. So, I need everyone help to expand and make it the best MukuDoku shrine ever. :D The URL address to the site is MUKUDOKU.CO.CC. There's nothing there but a coming soon image. Okay,  here's what I need from you:

Information writer: As you know I'm not much a good writer and my english seriously suck to the ass. XD That's is why I REALLY REALLY need information writer. As for this job, you will need to write about their profile, relationship, why, and anything related to them. It would be nice if you can write about MukuDoku more in-depth. :3

Media contributor: You can contribute to gallery section, make any graphic like icon, signature, wallpaper, fan soundtrack, etc. If you were to make graphic, please use less japanese artist's fanart. Most of them are copyrighted and you are strictly prohibited to be upload on other site. *okay, what's with my icon? lol* I don't know if LJ is an exception since almost 1000+ users use jap art

Fan section: If you have any fanart, fanfiction or about your point of view about about MukuDoku just send it to me! I would to put it on the site! :D

Don't worry, I will give you a full credit if you want to help me to contribute something for the shrine. If you interested in contribute something, please don't mind to spam my inbox at nemu_miy@yahoo.com asap! lol ^__^ Just say what would you like to contribute and we will discuss more about it. m(_ _)m

Random talk: Okay, I'm currently working on my 6996 doujin project. Once I done it, I'll share with you guys. Hopefully, it will done at the end of this month or early next month. Please wait... :D
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