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December 8th, 2008

Hi! I am fan from Korea. I am here to tell some news about special tournament that just started in here. It’s called Super Moe tournament and it’s a tournament deciding a best character among famous manga, anime, game character. And character from katekyo hitman reborn is in it. (Hibari, Mukuro, Dino, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Belphegor, Xanxus, Chrome)

So if you interested in this information could you cast a vote for katekyo hitman reborn characters? Actually I beg you. It’s really last chance for reborn characters. Fans in Korea tried really hard but voting numbers are limited. So all katekyo hitman reborn characters could not make preliminary round. (In Korea there is so passionate fans encouraging not only reborn fans but telling friends, family, teachers and even neighbors to vote. But Hibari lost in the past round.) So if you are not busy and if you love reborn please vote!

How to vote

Go into website (
http://moet.anizone.net) – click language option if site is not shown in English (look bottom of the site)- click windows link 1 (look below login space) – click run- click generate- copy code- paste it into log in space- log in- click voting place- choose character you wish to vote- submit- done

Voting date (Voting chance only last for one day for each group.)

Today you can vote for one of Hibari, Mukuro, Dino in Group 2.
2 days later you can vote to Xanxus in Group 6
3 days later you can vote to Chrome in Group 8
6 days later you can vote to Yamamoto in Group 14
7 days later you can vote to Belphegor in Group 15

Thank you.

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