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March 28th, 2009

Mukuro vs Primo (Giotto) who will win?

You might think this match is nonsense but this unbelievable match will be start soon at best moe tournament Men's side. What is best moe tournament? I say winner of this tournament will be honored as best male character of the year. And this year all famous japanese animation characters participated to be a winner, including characters from Reborn! From best moe tournament you can see interesting matches like

A match between mascots.
A match between heroes from same shonen jump magazine.
A revenge match. (Bel met an opponent who eliminated Hibari and Gokudera in previous round.)

Tournament is now halfway through and only Tsuna, Shoichi, Reborn, Mukuro, Belphegor, Primo has survived.  And from this round all matches would be one on one matches. So just a single vote can be really helpful. (In case of Hibari he only needed 15 more votes to win) So if interested and you like reborn come and vote!

How to vote

Go onto website (
http://moet.anizone.net) -click language option if site is not shown in english. (look bottom of the site) -click windows link 1 (look below log in space) -click run- click generate -copy code- paste it into login space- log in- click voting place- choose character you wish to vote- submit- done

Time delay system

When you first enter voting place nothing appears because of time delay system. This is to prevent cheating. Delay lasts about 50minutes and delayed time will be shown top of this site. During waiting you can freely change or close internet browser and even able to shutting off computer. Just get back to voting page when time is right. 

Voting date (voting chance is given only one day for each group)

Today you can vote for Shoich Irie in group 7
1 day later you can vote for Belphegor in group 10
2 days later you can vote for Reborn in group 11 and Tsunayoshi Sawada in group 12
4days later you can vote for either one of Mukuro Rokudo or Primo (Vongola 1st)

Thank you. 
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