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January 13th, 2010

 Ciaossu :D
I am new to this site and well, I just joined for the heck of a khr community on it that would mean easier access to stories >w>
And then a mukuro x chrome community came my way and I just had to join that >o> I finally have a place to post fics about them.

So here is my first one. I think I killed Mukuro's character in here ;_; 

Title: Heavenly Light
Pairing: 6996 RM x CM
Summary: Mukuro is pondering on why Chrome is so important to him. It switches from Kokuyo Arc to Future Arc and everything in between. Mentioning of Ken and Chikusa. 
Author's Note: >_> Mukuro reminds me of a calm Byakuran in here, all knowing and yet not saying anything. 

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