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6996 in #334

Did everyone read the newest Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chapter? There's three small Mukuro/Chrome moments, but as always, I can't tell if they support our 'ship or gainsay it.

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Working on 6996 doujin. :3

It's been awhile since I last post anything on LJ. Just want to share my few 6996 artworks I sold during 2010 events and old stuff. =3
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Another thing, I'm going to make 6996 doujin + artbook. There will be other pairs too but mainly it will be 6996. Still working on it with my partner. Here's the current progress. Still 15% in progress though. Mostly are rough sketch. So please don't mind the crappiness. T.T
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Wonder would anyone be interested in buying~?  Q_Q;

6996 Christmas Story

Title: A 6996 Christmas
Pairing: Mukuro x Chrome
Rated: T

Mukuro & Chrome are my favorite KHR pairing <3
I wrote this, this past December even though I'm only now posting it here.
It's pretty much my first fanfiction. Go easy on me, please?

Part 1
Part 2

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#318-319 Discussion

So... what did you guys think of the big revelation?

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6996 drabble

TITLE: Magician's Assistant
FANDOM: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
PAIRINGS: Mukuro/Chrome
SUMMARY:  He can only restrain himself. Drabble.

(It's magic, ya know.)

[Fic] Beyond Magenta

Title: Beyond Magenta
Pairing: 6996/ MukuroxChrome
. Kind of. Not really.
Summary: Mukuro ponders over his assets.
Rating: T
Beta-ed by: [info]carousel-captor
Prompt: Written for [info]iu_fanfiction challenge #27 | 4. Do you think I give a damn?

He's the wolf - she's his clothing of sheep's wool.

6996 FST

features Lady Gaga, VersaEmerge, Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift

tracks + download here 

Fanfic: From Now Till Forever 1/?

Title: From Now Till Forever
Pairing: 6996/MukuroxChrome; 699618; MukuroxChromexHibari
Warning: I'm sorry for any cavities this may impose
Summary: After Chrome breaks Mukuro out of the Vendicare Prison, Mukuro's old tensions with Hibari arise, and Chrome is caught in the middle. mainly 6996, but a lot of 699618

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[fic] Altar

Title: Altar
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Characters/Pairing: Chrome, Mukuro/Chrome
Rating: G
( She walks through worlds of dreaming with a heart frayed around the edges. )

[fic] Fields Beyond Fields

Title: Fields Beyond Fields
Pairing: Mukuro/Chrome
Warning: R
Disclaimer: Rilke, Neruda, and KHR aren't mine.

Two journeys in Six Realms.

( The desire for freedom is the acknowledgment of captivity. )

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